Net Schedule

  • Phone: Mondays, 19:00, Hamaker: 146.85 – 118.8
  • Winlink: Monday – Friday, anytime

Phone Net

Klamath ARES has its primary voice net every Monday evening at 19:00 on the Hamaker repeater 146.850 MHz, negative offset, CTCSS tone 118.8 Hz. The Net Script for our weekly nets is available on our training page under Net Operations.

Klamath ARES has two regular nets, phone and Winlink. All hams are welcome to check in to the weekly nets.

2024 Net Control Station Schedule

There are currently five people scheduled for net control among the six active members. As a part of the NCS tasking, each NCS is required to submit a report after their net. Please see Winlink | NCS Report below for details.

2024 Net Control Station Schedule


Winlink is a straightforward net to check in to. You may check in via any transport mode, including telnet, at any time during the week Monday through Friday.

Weekly Check-In

  • Use the ICS-213 to check-in
    • Select Template -> Standard Templates -> ICS USA Forms -> ICS213.txt
  • Enter Weekly Winlink Net for Incident Name
  • Address the check-in to KF7KLA
  • Request a return receipt to make sure your check-in was received
  • Intermediate and Advanced users are encouraged to use radio modes
  • Let’s mix it up and use a variety of transport modes

NCS Reports

Every member will have an opportunity to be NCS (Net Control Station) on a regular basis. A part of the NCS tasking is to submit a report on an ICS-309 including the following

  • Header
    • Task #: [date]-[time]
    • Operational Period: 1
    • Task Name: ARES Weekly Net Log
  • Log Body
    • Who is net control
    • Announcements (one line for each)
    • Check-ins
    • Closing of Net

An example of a completed ICS-309 log is here.

Winlink is the de facto tool for emergency communications with federal, state, and local government agencies. This net is provided to keep your Winlink software and skills up to date.

Check the Training Page for more detailed information on classroom and web-based training. Also see


Our monthly meeting is at the Klamath County Emergency Management’s Conference Room on the third Tuesday of the month, 1830–2000 hours. Visitors interested in EmComm are welcome.

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