New Reporting Protocols

Greetings ARES Team members,

We have a few new reporting protocols that started in August. As emergency responders we have a number of reporting responsibilities on every incident. To keep up our training on these reports we have implemented the use of our most commonly used ICS forms to report our Weekly Status Report and Monthly Activity Log.

The ICS-213 and ICS-214 are forms we use on every deployment and exercise. All team members need to be well versed in their use and transmission of them by a variety of transport methods via Winlink and other methods.

Weekly Status Report

Each team member is required to send in an ICS-213 General Message due on Monday for the previous week containing their Weekly Status Report. Each report should consist of what actions or training you have completed during the previous week. Use of Winlink to transmit the message is preferred.

We are working on content for the Winlink training page.

Monthly Activity Log

Each team member is required to send in an ICS-214 Activity Log due on the first of the month for the previous month containing all of the training, service, exercise, incident activity participated in over the course of the month.

Note: If you participate in an activity during the month, that activity will require ICS-214s during the activity. Your monthly log only needs one line item for the activity with the activity name, start date of first operational period, end date of final operational period, and the total hours.