According to Wikipedia, Winlink, or formally, Winlink Global Radio Email®, also known as the Winlink 2000 Network, is a worldwide radio messaging system that uses amateur-band radio frequencies and government frequencies to provide radio interconnection services that include email with attachments, position reporting, weather bulletins, emergency and relief communications, and message relay.

Oregon OEM prefers to receive messages by Winlink whenever possible because of improved accuracy of written messages over spoken messages. However, they will accept them any way that they come.

Below are a few good video playlists that help new and seasoned operators:

San Diego ARES Winlink series of short clips

WaveTalkers Winlink Basics

WaveTalkers Learn to MASTER Winlink

In addition to our KC ARES Winlink Net, you may consider checking in other nets using Winlink for a variety of exercises. Below are a few:

The Original Winlink Wednesday

Winlink Thursdays

Florida Winlink Net

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