2019 ARES Net Details

As 2019 come to a close I wanted to post our net numbers for the year. Most of the year our numbers remained pretty consistent with the biggest spike in activity during the summer as is to be expected. We tried some new things this year, a keyboard-to-keyboard (KB2KB) packet net and a Winlink Check-In net. Both work fine, but we have had limited success with the turnout for both.

Rather than be discouraged, we will double down on digital mode nets in 2020 by adding two more modes that are key elements of our ARES operations; APRS and JS8CALL (JS8). I will cover how to participate in these on the Nets page. Our goal with this increase in net opportunities is to get folks regularly practicing the digital mode tools that we will be using when deployed.

Along with the increase in net opportunities, the Training page has gone up and we will be adding sub-pages for processes and modes containing documents and links to other resources. 2020 will be a big year for moving the Klamath ARES program forward.

Klamath County ARES EC

Nets & Check Ins
        Ph/    Pkt/  WL2K/ NTS
        CkIns  CkIns CkIns MSGS
 JAN    4/26   -     -     -
 FEB    4/22   -     -     -
 MAR    8/54   4/8   -     -
 APR    10/62  5/12  -     -
 MAY    8/48   4/8   -     3
 JUN    8/46   4/8   -     5
 JUL    6/41   -     -     -
 AUG    10/109 -     -     12
 SEP    13/102 1/2   3/11  6
 OCT    9/52   -     1/4   -
 NOV    12/69  -     4/12  3
 DEC    15/92  -     5/15  2

[net type]/[# check ins]
All nets have NTS representation.