Site Move

Welcome to Klamath County Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES™)

After some shifting around we have landed back at The previous site is no more so please update your links. After some discussion with ARES & CERT members, and engagement with the new county Emergency Manager we are back on track as a full-on ARES unit.

This has been a work in progress for several years and we are now in a good position to move forward and I honestly feel like I am looking at a program with a bright future. I want to personally thank everyone who has been supporting our efforts over the last two years, Thank you!

We are working on a much smoother process for enrollment of new volunteers, and credentialing is the next process to nail down, which should be done soon. A slow but steady build-up of assets and personnel is in the works, and a lot more training and operating opportunities should be presenting themselves.

At the national level, ARES has come to a unified training standard after a long overhaul process. I have been privileged to be a participant in the review and overhaul process for the Oregon Section ARES Task Book and the ongoing review of the Oregon Section ARES training program. With the National and Section Task Books in place, I can now move forward in adapting the Klamath County ARES Task Book, Training Manual, and Standard Operations Guide which should be published on this site in the first quarter of the new year.

It is exciting to see things solidifying into a cohesive program from the national to county level; also encouraging is the level of support we are beginning to see from local served agencies.

Jonathan ‘Jon’ Wanzer KK6GXG
Klamath County ARES Emergency Coordinator